Hello, I am Leon!

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Leon Bronkhorst - FX Artist

I love tinkering around and creating 3D effects using Houdini.
Recently I completed my Masters of Animation and Visualisation at UTS Animal Logic Academy in 2023, specialising in FX.

My passion for 3D graphics was sparked by my love for video games and later on by visual storytelling, mainly Japanese animation. I spend most of my time in Houdini doing 3D procedural modelling and FX animation. However, due to my thirst for learning new things, I’ve started pursuing 3D motion graphics to tell my stories and present my art in new ways. I aim to create art with deeper meanings behind it and to tell impactful visual stories.

Recent works

As part of gaining my Master’s qualification at UTS Animal Logic Academy, I participated in creating two short films, working as an FX artist. The department consisted of three FX artists, including myself, working under a lead to produce captivating effects for two stories with very different art styles. 

Our main project, ‘Alone’, is a 7-minute short film, which took approximately 30 weeks to complete, from creating the initial storyline to bringing our vision to life. In this project, one of my main tasks was creating the effects for the batteries’ core, as well as, working on the cable simulations, and post-deformation of plants in camera view. ‘Alone’ was a fun but demanding project, which I am very proud of and enjoyed participating in. The short film ‘Alone’ will be released in 2024. 

For our challenge project, we created a 2.5-minute short animation called ‘Coffee Brake’. This project was produced using the software Blender and Grease Pencil in under 10 weeks, which was a gruelling process, pushing us to our limits as artists. The FX department decided to use Houdini alongside Blender to create the stylised 3D effects. For ‘Coffee Brake’, I worked on shattering glass effects, simulating paper effects using Vellum, and using FLIP to simulate water. 

More personal projects and break-downs coming soon!