3D Modelling

Models were made using Autodesk Maya.

3D Animation

Animation made using Autodesk Maya.

2D Animation

Traditional 2d animations were done using Clip Studio Paint.

Blender projects

Mini projects made while learning Blender's Geometry Nodes.

Toon FX

Stylised animation FXs made using SideFX Houdini.

Compositing - Windows

Basic compositing I did for a student film.


Most of my models were made using Autodesk Maya and Blender.


Character and environment lighting were done using Autodesk Maya and rendered with Arnold.

Design Boards

These are some of the boards I made during the Design Bootcamp course at the School of Motion.


Using Wonder Unit Storyboarder I took two different approaches to storyboarding my ideas.

In the first example, I used a pre-existing script and 3d models to plan out the shots and angles. In the second example, I developed my own script/idea while hand-drawing all the boards.

Houdini Experiments

All these examples were done using SideFX Houdini to further my FX skills.